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I Am a Camera

A little teaser for next week’s production of I Am a Camera in Cambodia, adapted & directed by yours truly. For this version, we moved the action from 1930s Berlin (amid the rise of the Nazis and antisemitic violence) to Phnom Penh in 1969 (amid the build up to Lon

Cambodia is About to Stage Its First Ever Opera

Okay, quick disclaimer: I’m talking about European-style opera here. Cambodia has a rich performance history blending theatre and singing, but it’s never staged an opera. The really exciting thing about this project, which is a version of Mozart’s Magic Flute that’s taken years to put together, is that it isn’t just

Albee, Iononsco, Kondoleon and Rebeck… in Cambodia? Absurd!

As unlikely as it sounds, absurdist theatre is coming to Phnom Penh, with a series of four short plays exploring the darker side of human nature and what pushes us to violence. In French AND English, no less. I am very excited about this. So much so that I interviewed

Visiting Phnom Penh? I Dare You To Watch This Without Weeping

Anyone who lives in or has been to Cambodia knows how fresh the wounds inflicted by the Khmer Rouge still feel today. Unresolved trauma from the civil war and genocide permeates the work of most artists who were old enough to have experienced it first hand (as well as many

The Weirdest-Sounding Shit at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Don’t get me wrong, the Fringe is the best culture festival in the world. But it’s also an Alien-style mass hatching ground for future Mock the Week panellists who, given half the chance, will sneak up on you, plaster themselves over your eyeballs and violently force their way down your gullet. To

The 39 Steps @ The Criterion

The Criterion Theatre, hidden under London’s Piccadilly Circus, is a glorious relic of Victorian excess. From the faded red velvet curtains to the cherubs that spill across an extravagantly ornate ceiling, the decor is an intriguing mix of gaudy music-hall glamour and opulent high aestheticism. The onset of slight shabbiness

What We’re Up Against (Review)

Aorta Theatre Collective presents a vibrant selection of scenes from Theresa Rebeck’s catalogue of razor sharp social satire. Directed by Rob Hale New York playwright, ‘relapsed Catholic’ and artful social commentator Theresa Rebeck has a back catalogue as long as your arm of acutely, playfully, hilariously observed satire. Evidently fascinated

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