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Well, I meant to post this on Halloween, but I forgot (as in, I was too busy covering the flat in velvet and candles ahead of our Halloween party). But anyway, here’s a Victorian-gothic short story of mine that was selected for publication in the “Show Us Your Shorts” story anthology


Runner-up, The Writer’s Digest poetry competition 2018   PEAKS     That was the night we drove to the highlands And the fierce white peaks were arrows pointed at the stars. I remember the moon, the colour and texture of snow Crumbling from the mountain Tumbling into the dark. You

six fifty-six

Half-night dusk-light Dims the lingering lilac-white Rough-cut cloud, not cotton soft, But dead and dull, dry tufts of hair A thin-drawn rip in jet-torn sky Glows deep and fine As a lamp-lit scratch in a table-top Then sinks its smoke to smoothness – Stops.

Arabella’s Daughter

So – this is a story I wrote aaaaages ago, and completely forgot about until I just found it by accident. It’s one of the weirder stories I’ve written, and if I remember rightly, my friend Joe’s sole feedback at the time was: ‘I think you and the male gaze

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