London-born, Glasgow-based, Kiwi-passport-carrying and frequently-found-in-Phnom-Penh writer, filmmaker and (now) dramaturg-in-training.

Journalism-wise, I’m drawn to stories about social and political underdogs, writing and making documentaries about development / development tech, the arts, marginalised cultures, vulnerable groups, and the human impact of soft power struggles. I’m the editor of What’s On Phnom Penh, director of TePonui Media, and my freelance work has been published/broadcast in places like the Guardian, Foreign Policy, How We Get to Next, The Human Development Project and Cambridge TV. Before I ran away to Southeast Asia, I was Creative Director at an awesome video production agency called the Mobile Studio Company.

I also write/direct plays, work on the occasional narrative film, and relate my perpetual stream of travel mishaps for the amusement of strangers on the internet.

You can view my full journo portfolio here or find out more about my production company, TePonui, here.

Want to say hello? Drop me a note at lindsey[at]teponui.com


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